The One Command

Create what you want – all things are possible

The One Command helps you to remove limiting ideas about what is impossible to what is possible instead as you engage your mind and your greater intelligence that is lying dormant within you in completely new ways.   The simple premise of The One Command is that you have the capacity within you to change your life.  That capacity is found within unused portions of your brain that you activate through a six-step process in which you lower your brain waves to theta.  The principles & technique used are based upon the book The One Command by author Asara Lovejoy.


Beta – Fully awake and alert, the five senses. Connected to weakened health and the immune system. Associated with worry, stress, fear, anger, nervousness and anxiety. People spend most of their time in the beta state.

Alpha – Meditation and relaxation begins. A harmonious, peaceful state. Effortless creativity flows. Powerful state for memory and super-learning. Habits, fears, and phobias begin to melt away.

Theta – Deeper meditation. Insight, intuition and inspiration. Answers to important questions can be found here. Feels like you are floating. Deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Dream like imagery. Good for problem solving. Feel more open and connected to others.

Delta – deepest meditation. Renewal, healing, rejuvenation. Deep dreamless sleep. Best state for immune system function, restoration, and health. Highly advanced awareness.

Understanding human intelligence

Conscious mind – 10% of our intelligence
– Analyzes
– Thinks and plans
– Source of our critical thinking/judgments
– Will power
– Ego
– Short term memory

Subconscious mind – 90% of our intelligence
– Expresses our emotions and feelings
– Stores and recreates our habits patterns and addictions
– Runs the body, our involuntary and autonomic nervous system
– Operates in the NOW
– Is the source of our creativity, intuition and inspiration
– Long term memory

Benefits of stating your command in theta

– Quieting of emotions and thoughts
– Increased sense of love for self and others
– Unheard and unseen things come to conscious awareness
– Improvements in relationships with self and others
– More flexible in thinking, reasoning, and reacting
– More self acceptance
– Increase in creativity, new ideas, and problem solving


Benefits of The One Command Circle

Learn to use The One Command for creating infinite possibilities in your life.  This Circle provides a community to support you while you recreate your life in a whole new way:

  • Transform your financial, personal, and professional life
  • Empower and accelerate manifesting what you desire
  • Dissolve old emotional blocks
  • Change your mindset and open the door to new possibilities
  • Intentionally create the life you desire
  • Achieve your desired goals easily
  • Realize your true magnificence in every area of your life

Coaching With Me

My approach is radically different from traditional coaching in that we do not focus on “what’s wrong” and try to fix it by force of will or attracting something to you.  By following the six-step process of The One Command, you create Real Change on a neurological, physiological and biological level.  We first discuss what you want to change, remove or improve.  Then I assist you in forming a command which is stated while in theta as part of the six-step process.  When the process is followed, as soon as you state the command it is done –  Real Change occurs.

The One Command Circle

When was the last time you experienced loving, unconditional and enthusiastic support for your goals and desires.  The One Command Circle is designed for that purpose.  This group is part study group, part support group and 100% problem-solving.  If you live in the Houston/Richmond/Katy/Sugar Land area, come to a circle and transform your life!
Each circle ends with a profound exercise where you see, hear and feel the support and encouragement of others down to your very bones.  It is quite powerful and must be experienced to fully understand its power.

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