Breaking the barrier of negative emotions

My Heart-Wall Testimony

My Heart-Wall was created around age 14 and was 57 feet thick.  Keep reading to learn what it was made of:o)

When I was young, I used to love swimming with my cousin Paula.  We would even swim while it was raining.  We went with two other friends to the Bahamas in our early twenties and I suddenly realized that I was afraid of the water, especially the beach.  I would get in the shallow end but couldn’t remember how to swim.  I didn’t swim for 25 years.  My husband is from the Caribbean and loves the beach.  Every year we would take vacations which usually involved indulging at the beach.  We would compromise by alternating one day on the beach (torture for me) and one day at the pool.  About 3 years ago, I made a decision that I was going to learn (again) how to swim.  Someone tried to teach me in Australia but I was still very afraid.  Then after moving to Texas, a friend who has a pool offered to teach me how to swim.  Every time we spoke or saw each other, she would ask “when are you coming over to swim”?  I totally avoided her that summer because I was too scared to swim.  Then I found the Emotion Code and after removing my Heart-Wall, all the fear of swimming went away.  I set a goal to swim the length of her pool by the end of the next summer and I did it the very first time that I got in her pool!  Not only did I swim but she taught me how to snorkel (thanks Mel!).  The following spring, while vacationing in Belize, I snorkeled for the first time in my life in the Caribbean sea with my husband.  Woo Hoo!

Oh, by the way, my Heart-Wall was made of WATER!

What is Your Heart-Wall Preventing in Your Life?

I started working with Angie to remove my Heart-Wall because I kept failing the test to get my learners permit by 1 point.  In our first session, she removed an inherited emotion of indecisiveness.  The next time I took the test I PASSED!  

T. Jones Frederick


Before I had my Heart-Wall removed, I was in negative emotional state.  I could feel the heaviness of the emotions in my body.  In each session as Angie released trapped emotions, I could feel the energy leaving my body.  I felt lighter and lighter until the weight was no longer there.  There is no going back to who I used to be.

D. Dickinson

Capital Heights, Maryland

When I came to see Mrs. Forbes I was a complete basket case! I walked through her door and just started to cry.  She sat me down and we just talked for a while.  After my session that day (which we worked on my heart wall) I left her house laughing and smiling. I felt light hearted not heavy hearted like I was when I first got there.  I once told her I would have to come to our sessions for the rest of my life!  She smiled at me and told me that she would love that but she was here to empower me and that her goal is that I would be able to use the tools and skills she is teaching me on my own. She was RIGHT!!!!!  My favorite skills she taught me include meditating and creating the life I want with The One Command.  I will always be grateful for her help to bring about real changes in my life!!!   Love Always

S. Hernandez

Houston, Texas

I did a One Command session with Angie.  She’s a delight to work with and was very intuitive in helping me formulate my commands around income.  As a result of our session, I had the best month I’ve ever had in my business.

G. Vasquez

Houston, Texas

I started taking cell salts in February 2017 for several reasons.  The first change that I noticed was my digestion issues went away.  Then, after about 6 weeks all of my allergy symptoms went away.  A year ago, my allergies were so bad that I was taking Claritin and Flonase every day for relief.  I have not taken anything for allergies since I started taking cell salts because all symptoms went away!

C. Forbes

Houston, Texas

What is Your Heart-Wall Testimony?


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